Dangerous offender rise

DERBYSHIRE has 71 more registered criminal offenders registered as dangerous to the public than last year according to a new report.

The tenth annual Multi-Agency Public Protection report highlights work undertaken through Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) to protect individuals and communities from the risks posed by dangerous offenders.

It describes how the arrangements work and explains the steps that can be taken if a person is identified as being particularly dangerous.

The report also gives details of how many convicted people in the county are registered sexual offenders, or have been currently identified as violent or potentially dangerous.

In 2010/11, a total of 1,036 offenders in Derbyshire were covered by MAPPA, an increase of 71 on last year. There were 749 registered sexual offenders, an increase of 30 compared to last year. This amounts to 83 registered sexual offenders per 100,000 population compared to 80 last year.

The remaining 287 offenders are deemed as being violent or other dangerous offender categories. These people could have committed assault, robbery, wounding or other similar offences. The report is available online at www.dpsonline.org.uk.