Cut magazine, council urged

TIME is running out for High Peak residents to have their say on where the axe should fall in the Borough Council’s forthcoming budget.

Comments can be made on the Borough Council website until January 28. Using sliding scales, residents can look at the potential impact of budget reductions in various areas. They can also look at what difference increases in fees and charges can make.

Members of Whaley Bridge Town Council, who have also been asked for their comments, urged the public to make sure they take part.

They expressed support for retaining support for the arts, sports and tourism promotion, but felt changes could be made to communications and the council’s management.

Cllr David Lomax questioned the need for a Council magazine, while Cllr Barrie Taylor said: “Could we suggest that communication should be restricted to items of direct benefit to the public rather than promotion of the council itself.”

Cllr Jean Horsfall said: “I am very much in favour of reducing management costs and hope the cuts are from the top down.”

• PARISHES look set to receive an increased grant as previously proposed from the Borough Council this year – but have been warned cuts could follow in future years.

Cllr Tony Ashton, speaking at New Mills Town Council, said the move was yet to ratified by members. He said parish grants were based on the Borough’s spending on specific functions and savings of 15 per cent had been made, with more to follow.