Woman attacked her good Samaritan friend

A woman assaulted a former friend who had put her up for nearly a month following the breakdown of her marriage, a court heard.

Sandra Lamsley, 48, was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months for assaulting Holly Trueman. Lamsley must also comply with 18 months, supervision.

Magistrate David Dusgate, sentencing Lamsley, said: “This was a sustained assault. It was aggravated by the fact the victim was vulnerable and two children were present and the attack took place in the victim’s own home.

“It was a prolonged attack and you were in drink at the time. You assaulted her while she was trying to help you with your bags.”

The assault which included punching and hair-pulling resulted in a number of injuries including bruising.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said Lamsley had fallen out with Ms Trueman after she had asked her to move out for not paying her way. On March 16 Lamsley returned to Ms Trueman’s home in Buxton to pick up her belongings.

“As Ms Trueman was helping her with her bags she punched her. She then grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her to the floor. The defendant was pulling her hair so hard that she could feel it coming out,” said Ms Fitzgerald.

Lamsley, of Station Road, Hadfield, had denied the offence but was convicted after a trial she had failed attend.

Trevor Feehily, defending, said Lamsley was estranged from her second husband and had needed somewhere to stay.

He said he needed numerous medications for diabetes, arthritis and other ailments: “She wasn’t able to find her tablets and didn’t know where they were. That left her not feeling herself.”

Lamsley had drunk two halves of cider, which together with her lack of medication might have been sufficient for her behaviour to be affected.

When arrested a short while after the incident Lamsley was put on a breathalyser and was three and half times the legal limit to drive.

However, Mr Feehily said his client stated the reading was so high because she had drunk alcohol following the incident.