Vandals destroy a set of rugby club posts at Buxton Bulls ground

Vandals target rugby league club Buxton Bulls. Photo courtesy of @BuxtonRLFC
Vandals target rugby league club Buxton Bulls. Photo courtesy of @BuxtonRLFC

A newly-formed rugby league club has been dealt a blow after mindless vandals damaged and pulled down one of their posts.

Members of the Buxton Bulls, which was founded only last year, were horrified to discover the structure had been attacked between 5pm, on Saturday, and 10am, on Sunday, at the Temple Fields ground, off College Road.

Club chairman Roy Belton said: “We had just played and won a home match against North East Worcestershire Rams on Saturday and we usually leave the posts up and take them down on Sunday but we got a call from a neighbour on Green Lane that something had happened.

“One of the posts had been pulled down and it’s substantial hinge unit had been bent.”

Both posts and their instalment had cost about £2,500 and Mr Belton said the club was looking at having to pay out about £300 to replace the damaged post.

However, Derbyshire county councillor Caitlin Bisknell agreed to access a discretionary council fund to help the club fit a replacement before Saturday’s home match against Nottingham Outlaws.

Mr Belton added: “She’s been an absolute angel and she had helped us find funding for the original posts when they were put up last year.”

Police have launched an investigation into the attack and are urging anyone with information to call them on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Potential sponsors or budding club members can contact Mr Belton at