Thief lives in fear of kidnap

TWO thieves caught on camera during a Buxton shoplifting trip have been remanded in custody.

Lee Seddon, 20, and Melanie Trueman, 37, entered a Spar shop together on Monday, July 25, and left without paying for cider.

Magistrates at Chesterfield heard that Seddon also stole alcohol from Bargain Booze in Buxton on July 20 and snacks from Buxton Co-Op on June 23.

He admitted the three thefts and breaching a six-month conditional discharge imposed in March for a similar offence.

Seddon, of Concert Place, Buxton, had previous convictions for attempted robbery and drugs offences.

Sentence was adjourned for probation service reports until Thursday, August 4, when he could receive a jail term.

Trueman, of Cromford Lane, Buxton, admitted theft and possessing amphetamine on January 30.

Mike Treharne, prosecuting, said she was searched after leaving public toilets with another woman and caught with a £10 drug deal.

Five packets of amphetamine were found on the other woman, who had been charged with drug-dealing.

Probation service reports were also ordered for Trueman, who will appear before the justices again on August 11.

Trueman, formerly known by the surname Burns, had previous convictions for shoplifting, handling stolen goods and possessing cannabis.

Her solicitor, Kevin Tomlinson, said: “She only came out of prison on July 15. Her home was insecure and had been ransacked, and she drank more than was good for her.

“She says it was a coincidence she was in the shop at the same time as Mr Seddon. She was identified by staff. Police went to her home and found the cider.”

Probation officer Gerry Starnes told the court: “She has alcohol and drug issues. She drinks three litres of cider a day and it is making her life chaotic. She uses amphetamine regularly, but not daily.”

Trevor Feelihy, for Seddon, said: “He has become extremely paranoid. He believes he is at risk of kidnap and people are trying to frame him for offences he hasn’t committed. He receives medication.”