Theft from vehicles is Buxton police priority

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Web tile police

Police will be cracking down on thefts from vehicles in Buxton after setting the issue as the latest neighbourhood priority.

The Buxton and Fairfield Safer Neighbourhood Team will be focusing on the crime for the next three months after it was raised at governance meetings held last Monday and Tuesday.

Officers will be heading out at key times on high visibility patrols to catch offenders in the act and are encouraging Buxton residents to report suspicious activity as soon as it happens.

The team will be handing out crime prevention leaflets in targeted areas to encourage residents to increase their car security in a bid to discourage criminals.

Sergeant Jon Lloyd from the team said: “Thieves are opportunists so before leaving your vehicle unattended, ensure that windows and doors are securely locked and that no items are left on display, or removed completely where possible.”

Officers will also be tackling problem parking on Alma Street, Queens Road and Prince’s Road. Bench Road and Boarstones Lane.