Ten drivers using mobile phone stopped by police during operation in Buxton

More than 40 drivers were stopped by police during an operation in Buxton.

Officers and police volunteers carried out an Operation Safe Drive initiative in the town on Wednesday December 19, stopping drivers who were seen to be committing crimes such as failing to wear a seatbelt.

An Operation Safe Drive initiative was held in Buxton earlier this month

An Operation Safe Drive initiative was held in Buxton earlier this month

Police officer's disappointment after day of road safety checks in Buxton

The team stopped 42 drivers; ten of whom were using a mobile phone, 17 were not wearing a seatbelt and two were committing licence offences. They were all given fixed penalty notices.

One van was seized under section 165 of the Road Traffic Act, which gives police the power to take a vehicle if it’s being driven without a valid insurance policy or if the driver doesn’t have a valid licence.

Detective Sergeant Denis Murphy said: “Operation Safe Drive targets the driving behaviour that is proven to be a significant factor in road traffic collisions that result in death and serious injury.

“I am astounded that forty years has passed since the legislation was introduced around wearing seatbelts and yet a large number of people driving through Buxton are still not using them.

“Equally astonishing is the apparent number of people seen using mobile devices while driving. The results show that these crimes are still being committed and while that remains the case we will continue to address driving behaviour through operations like this.”