Telephone scammers claiming to be BT targeting High Peak residents

Have you fallen victim to the scam?
Have you fallen victim to the scam?

Residents in the High Peak area are being targeted by telephone scammers who claim to be calling from BT.

The scammers state there is a problem with the line and that it will be terminated within 24 hours. Victims are asked to press one so they can be connected to an operator to rectify the problem.

Derbyshire Police have warned residents about the scam.

A spokesman said: "If you receive one of these calls hang up immediately and ensure you do not pass any details during the phone call.

"Officers are asking people within the area to make friends, family and colleagues know about the calls and ensure they are aware of safety advice.

"If you have received a call and have passed on bank details or other personal information that may be used to access your account contact your bank immediately – if possible use a different phone than the one you received the call on.

"If that is not possible ensure that you hear the dial tone before you make any outgoing calls."