Speeding driver over drink limit

The driver of a vehicle being driven at speed and without headlights on late at night was found to be over the drink-drive limit, a court heard.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said that just after midnight, on September 16, an officer heard a vehicle being driven at high revs.

The noise was so loud that he heard the car before he could see it.

“He looked up the hill and saw an Audi come into view travelling down at excessive speed and the headlights not illuminated.”

The car, being driven by Julian Scott Ramsay, 29, travelled down Terrace Road and was stopped on St John’s Road. Ramsay failed a roadside breath test and later provided a reading of 64 in breath, the legal limit is 35.

On Monday he pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol.

Kirsten Collings, defending, said Ramsay had been out for a meal and could not explain why he had driven.

She said Ramsay, of Pike Close, Hayfield, had never been in trouble before and asked magistrates to view his behaviour as out of character.

The court heard that Ramsay had separated from his wife and four children and that they remained in the family home while he was in rented accommodation.

“The emotional turmoil surrounding the ending of that relationship and managing the money has clearly taken its toll,” said Ms Collings.

Magistrate Gerry Walliss said the offence was aggravated by the speed of the driving witnessed and that it was late at night and no headlights were illuminated.

Ramsay was banned from driving for 18 months.

He could reduce the ban by completing a drink driver referral course.

He was fined £300 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 government surcharge.