Pushed girlfriend down the stairs

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A man admitted pushing his partner down the stairs after an argument, a court heard.

Police were called to the Fairfield Road address of Paul Taylor and Jessica Cuddy on April 6 after receiving a call from Ms Cuddy, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

On arrival they spoke to Ms Cuddy who said she no longer wished to make a complaint, prosecutor Jennifer Fitzgerald said.

Officers then went to speak to her partner, Taylor, who then became upset, shouting and swearing and police had to draw their CS gas.

Ms Cuddy had bruising and swelling above her left eye, Mrs Fitzgerald said.

In interview, Taylor admitted the couple had argued and that he had pushed her on the stairs, once at the top and again when she was halfway down.

He said that on the second push she fell down three or four stairs and he believed she may have twisted and hit her head on the wall or window sill, Mrs Fitzgerald added.

Taylor, 26, of Houghton Green, Denton, admitted assault by beating.

Lisa Tinsley, defending, said: “The facts outlined aren’t disputed. A guilty plea was entered and the admissions from the police interview are certainly the only evidence against him.

“They have been in an on-off relationship for approximately three years.

“On this day, he says they had an argument about money amongst other things. He accepts he pushed her and she fell downstairs.

“She calls the police and immediately regrets doing so. That is why there is no complaint.

“He does have fairly significant previous convictions however most of these are dishonesty offences.

“He is not someone who is heavily convicted in relation to violence offences.”

The case was adjourned until Wednesday May 8 for the preparation of pre-sentence reports.