Police warning after a surge in High Peak and Hope Valley farm burglaries

Police are urging Derbyshire residents who own quad bikes or expensive tools to make sure they are secure, following a spate of farm burglaries.

Friday, 29th October 2021, 12:10 pm

Derbyshire Rural Crime Team said there had been a recent rise in such incidents, with farms in Hope Valley and High Peak being hit by thieves aiming to steal expensive vehicles and equipment.

In a statement, Derbyshire RCT said: “If you are a quad owner or have decent expensive tools, please take steps to secure them as much as possible. This plea follows a sudden increase in farm burglaries where quads have been the target of choice.

“You will see from the photo that they have been going to great lengths to gain entry, this one by demolishing the rear wall of an otherwise very secure barn.

Thieves have gone as far as to demolish walls to gain access to expensive vehicles and tools.

“The chances are that it's a small team of criminals operating in the area and we need to do all we can to catch them. While they are having success, they are likely to keep coming back.”

Local residents were urged to contact Derbyshire RCT if they saw anything suspicious on Monday night, with burglaries taking place at Abney, Thornhill and Taddington.

These are not the only locations to have faced similar incidents in the past few weeks, with nearby farms in Edale and Tideswell also being struck by crooks.

Derbyshire RCT said: “Any information, however insignificant it might seem, may help. Please message us, unless it looks like a crime is taking place, in which case ring 999. Thank you.”