Pervert sent indecent photos to teenager

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A caring older sister helped trap a pervert who sent photos of his genitals to a 15-year-old girl.

She alerted police after spotting a message which arrived on the schoolgirl’s phone at their home in Buxton.

That led to a seven-month jail term for Robert Parcell, 27, who was already subject to a court order banning him from contacting under-16s on the internet, a court heard on Monday.

Judge Jonathan Gosling said the alarm was raised when he suggested the 15-year-old should run away with him.

He told Parcell: “Her sister got to read these texts.

“She tried to entrap you but you were too wise.

“You deleted it but had been trying to contact other teenage girls as well.

“You used Facebook to groom girls who were only 15.

“This was a deliberate breach of the order, which didn’t deter you.

“This was calculated and prolonged but I accept you never met them.”

Parcell, of South Norwood, London admitted breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

He was arrested for the new offences in February last year.

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said Parcell emailed pictures of his penis and asked one 15-year-old for her comments.

“He wanted to know whether she liked the pictures and wanted to do anything about it,” he told the court.

When Parcell contacted another girl aged 15, he asked: “Do you like to go out with older guys? Any chance of getting wild with you?”

He admitted breach of the court order which was imposed in 2009.

He sometimes used a false name and suggested he was younger than 27.

Nathaniel Wade, defending, told Derby Crown Court: “He is something of a fantasist.

“There is a stark contrast between what is described on the messages and Mr Parcell’s real life where he lives with his family in a long-term relationship with a girl and one-year-old child.”

When he met his partner, Parcell told her about the court order.

Mr Wade added: “His partner has had to accept it and they lived together.

“It is a great shock that he now finds himself before the court again on a similar matter.

“But there is a genuine determination to change and a willingness and recognition that he has a problem.”