‘Paranoid’ man carried 18 inch wooden baton for protection

High Peak Magistrates' Court
High Peak Magistrates' Court

A Buxton man has been jailed for six months after being found in possession of a wooden baton and a Tomahawk axe.

High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard how Jordan Jay Stobbart, 19, was living rough at the time of the offence and admitted having the baton for protection as he was paranoid.

Presiding magistrate Bob Graham said they had been shocked when they had seen photographs of the weapons.

“It makes it more serious that these are two further offences which took place while in continuance of a previous order from late last year for a similar offence.

“We note you have poor compliance with your community order to date, and are really troubled by comments to the probation about you wanting to continue to carry weapons,” added Mr Graham.

Stobbart was given a six-month term of imprisonment for each offence, to run concurrently. He must also pay an £80 victim surcharge following his release. The axe and baton will be forfeited and destroyed.

Mr Graham added: “We did look at suspending this, we have a duty to do so.

“But because your similar offence was just last year and the fact the probation service have deemed you unfit at present for any further supervision we feel we have little option but to impose immediate custody.”

John Cooper, prosecuting, earlier explained how police on duty in Glossop had spotted two men on the fire exit at the former Kingspan factory, just after 4pm on March 30.

Both were searched and Stobbart was found to have a wooden baton, about 18 inches in length, in his bag. A Tomahawk axe, which he admitted was his, was found nearby.

When interviewed, Stobbart told police the baton was for his protection, and that he had been hoping to sell the axe.

Karina Lyon, defending, said Stobbart, who suffers from anxiety and depression as well as ADHD, had recently moved to supported accommodation on Hardwick Square in Buxton, which had “given him some stability in his life”.

She told the court Stobbart, who was viewed as being vulnerable, would seek assistance from his GP and the probation service.

She said of the wooden baton: “In his own mind it was for his own protection, while sleeping rough.

“At the time he had been doing that for a significant period of time and accepts he felt frightened and paranoid.”