Owner ordered to keep dog under control after pet bit runner

High Peak Magistrates' Court
High Peak Magistrates' Court

A Buxton man has been ordered to keep his dog under control after it bit a runner in the Goyt Valley.

Roger Malcom Blades admitted that Toffee, a black and tan Lassie Collie, had not been under proper control when the incident took place on October 31 last year.

John Cooper, prosecuting the civil case, told High Peak Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday how Catherine Phillips, a doctor, had been out running in the Goyt Valley. At 4.15pm she spotted Mr Blades’ two dogs, which were both off their lead. They started barking and running towards her, while the owner shouted at them to come back.

Mr Cooper said the other dog stopped, but Toffee continued to run towards the runner, who by this time was standing still.

As the dog got closer she waved her water bottle to try and ward it off, before it bit her on the thigh.

James Riley, defending, said: “It is clear that during this incident Ms Phillips reports that Mr Blades was shouting his dog to come back.

“After the incident he spoke to her and apologised and offered to take her to hospital if she needed further assistance.

“He has admitted the dog was out of control.”

Mr Riley explained that since the incident Toffee had undergone further training.

Magistrates issued a control order with conditions that when in a public place Toffee must be muzzled and held securely on a lead by a person over the age of 16.

Mr Blades, 65, of Corbar Road, was warned that failure to comply with the conditions could result in the dog being seized and destroyed.

He was also ordered to pay £205 in court costs.