Man assaulted wife of former colleague

High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.
High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.

A man drove 25 miles from Chesterfield to Buxton to confront his friend and former employee before smashing his front door in with a mallet, a court heard.

Jonathan Michael Murcott had known Trevor Davies since the pair were teenagers and had given him a job in his company, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

But Mr Davies had left the company in September, and Murcott believed he had stolen the customer database and taken it with him when he left, prosecutor John Cooper said.

On November 12 at 11.15pm, Murcott appeared at Mr Davies’ house in Buxton, having driven from his own home in Chesterfield, and began shouting at him, calling him a coward and accusing him of ruining his family and his business.

Murcott then smashed the glass in the front door with a mallet and tried to reach through the door. Mr Davies’ wife Katy then tried to speak to Murcott, but he grabbed hold of her dressing gown and pulled her towards him before Mr Davies was able to pull her back.

Murcott continued shouting, and even threatened to stab Mr Davies, before police arrived.

In interview, he said he had gone to his shed and picked up the first thing he could find, which was the mallet, and then driven to Buxton to speak to Mr Davies. He said he just wanted to talk to him face to face but added that it was probably a good thing Mr Davies hadn’t opened the door because he probably would have “smacked him”.

Murcott, 43, of Cleveland Way, Chesterfield, admitted assault by beating and criminal damage.

Lisa Tinsley, defending, said: “The events on this day were completely out of character. He and Trevor Davies had been friends for a long time and he took him on at the company to his detriment because Trevor Davies he states has systematically undermined the company for his own benefit.

“He took customers from the database and approached customers himself.”

Magistrates adjourned the case until December 22 so a pre-sentence report could be prepared.