Jail for drunk and disorderly

A man was jailed after finding himself back in court four months after receiving a suspended prison sentence.

High Peak magistrates were told on Monday that Warren Robert Hulse, 30, had turned up drunk at the Buxton home of his ex-partner Natasha Holland, at about 4pm, on May 10.

Jennifer Fitzgerald, prosecuting, said he was abusive and struggling to stand. He took exception to not being allowed to pick up their baby and kicked a child gate which went into the air and landed on the lino, causing a tear.

Hulse, of Hallsteads, Dove Holes, continued to be abusive outside the property and was arrested by police.

Hulse, who admitted being drunk and disorderly and criminal damage, had been given a ten-week suspended prison sentence in January for assault and damage.

Magistrate Ian Hurst said Hulse would have been warned that committing further offences would mean it was highly likely the sentence would be activated.

He said the incident took place in a domestic situation when Hulse was in drink: “We believe this offence was aggravated by the presence of small children.”

Hulse was ordered to complete six weeks of the sentence, reduced to reflect unpaid work carried out on the order.

He was given two weeks’ imprisonment, to run concurrently for the damage while no separate penalty was imposed for being drunk and disorderly.

Kirsten Collings defending said Hulse had been complying with the order.

She said: “The defendant accepts he can’t manage alcohol and does not want to use alcohol at all. He has not drunk since May 10.

“An alcohol treatment requirement is in place will assist him in not offending in the future.”