Hall’s “lenient” sentence to be reviewed

The sentence given to former Glossop Grammar School pupil Stuart Hall for sexual abuse will reviewed following complaints it was too lenient.

Ex-BBC broadcaster, Hall, 83, received a 15-month jail sentence last month after admitting 14 offences against girls aged nine to 17 between 1967 and 1985.

The Attorney General Dominic Grieve has now referred the sentence to the Court of Appeal for review, a move which was welcomed by Derbyshire charity SV2, who support victims of sexual abuse.

Clare Vickers, head of advocacy and support, said: “It doesn’t reflect the distress he caused and the impact he had on the victims’ lives. I think his sentence should be increased as offences like these can have a lifelong effect on the victims.

“It can lead to trust issues in relationships. For example if a child trusted the adult who abused them, it can be very difficult for them to understand who they should trust. It can also make people feel very guilty and shameful even though it isn’t their fault.

“For some people, it could be their first experience of any sort of sexual relationship, which is very wrong. It can be extremely confusing for them.

“These acts are against the law for very good reasons. We can’t change what happened to these girls but we can appeal to change his sentence. He needs to be held accountable and his punishment should reflect the impact he had on them. It’s really important that perpetrators get significant sentences, not only for the victims but also to deter others.”

On Monday, Lancashire Police announced they were investigating further allegations against Hall.