Glossop drink driver forgets car crash


A Glossop drink driver said he couldn’t remember being in a car crash, a court heard.

Anthony Murphy pleaded guilty to driving while over the limit and failing to stop after a road accident, but told High Peak Magistrates on Monday he couldn’t recall what had happened.

The 36-year-old, of Queens Drive, was driving home from a friend’s in his Rover at about 4am on October 20, when he was involved in a collision at the junction of High Street West and Arundel Street.

Prosecutor John Cooper said police said the incident caused “considerable damage” as vehicles had hit traffic lights and a wall and one victim was left with chest, back and leg injuries.

Upon arrival, officers said there were two casualties sat huddled on the pavement, who told them that Murphy had fled the scene on foot towards George Street.

Police found the defendant, a father-of-three who works in the building industry, struggling to walk and covered in blood.

When breathalysed at the police station at 4.57am, his breath contained over three times the legal limit of alcohol.

Mr Cooper, detailing the aggravating factors, said: “It was a serious accident, the defendant made off from the scene presumably to evade capture and it was a high reading.”

Lisa Tinsley, defending, said her client accepted being drunk but that he didn’t believe he had had that much.

She said: “His memory of the incident stops just before the collision, given he was in a crash and he fractured his nose and injured his shoulder and back.

“The reason he doesn’t recall it is because of the accident not the alcohol. He doesn’t recall getting out of the car or leaving the scene.”

Mr Cooper interjected: “If the defendant was injured, it was a as a result of his own folly for getting into a car under the influence.”

Ms Tinsley added Murphy was a “functioning alcoholic” but since the incident had sought help for his addiction .

Chairman of the Bench Robert Watmough adjourned the case for sentencing until December 9, to allow a report to be prepared.