Glare from sun caused crash in Chinley

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A motorist crashed into the back of another car in Chinley because of glare from the sun, a court heard.

Robert Bond was driving along Buxton Road on February 16 when he crashed into a Citroen C5 vehicle that had stopped to allow a car travelling in the opposite direction through as there were parked cars on the side of the road, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

A woman and her young baby were in the Citroen, but no-one was seriously injured in the crash. Bond was later found to not have insurance.

Bond, 27, of Selly Park, Birmingham, pleaded guilty by post to driving without due care and attention and using a vehicle without insurance.

He was not present in court.

Bond was fined £110, ordered to pay a £20 surcharge and £35 costs and given six points on his licence.