Ex-Derbyshire MP Edwina Currie’s daughter in court after collision and roadside confrontation

High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.
High Peak Magistrates Court, Buxton.

The daughter of former Derbyshire MP Edwina Currie has been fined by magistrates after failing to stop at the scene of a collision.

High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard on Thursday how Deborah Currie, 41, was the driver of a Peugeot campervan which had clipped the side of an oncoming silver Land Rover on Buxton Road in Chinley last May.

A statement from complainant Deborah Nickisson was read out in court, which said: “She scraped along the side of the vehicle, hit my wing mirror and drove on. She would have known that she had done it.”

Magistrates heard Ms Nickisson turned her vehicle around and followed Currie for half a mile, flashing her lights, before the campervan stopped in Buxworth near to the working men’s club.

The complainant, Mr Cooper said, claimed in her statement that Currie swore at her when challenged over her failure to stop at the scene, at one stage “put her hand against my face and pushed me away”, and also opened the campervan door which hit her. Currie’s solicitor disputed this version of events and stated it was irrelevant to the charges his client faced.

Mr Cooper said the defendant offered up a scrap of paper with a Whaley Bridge address on it.

Currie, of Simmondley Lane, Glossop, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to charges of failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

The Crown offered no evidence to a related charge of driving without due care and attention, to which the defendant had previously pleaded not guilty.

Richard Lee, defending, said the May 26 accident involved minor damage to the vehicles and no injuries.

“She admits she didn’t report it because as far as she was concerned it was clipped wing mirrors - hers had folded in and she thought that was the same with the other vehicle. Clearly that’s not the case,” he told the court.

The address given at the roadside was the vehicle owner’s and not her own, claiming she was “in fear of her safety”, he added.

Currie was fined £218 and her clean licence was endorsed with seven penalty points. She must also pay a victim surcharge of £21 and costs of £85.