Elderly Whaley Bridge couple scammed by ‘lottery’ letter

Carol and Gordon McKellar with Postcode Lottery Scam Letter
Carol and Gordon McKellar with Postcode Lottery Scam Letter

An elderly couple have been the victims of a scam which claimed they had won thousands of pounds on a lottery.

Carol and Gordon McKellar of Hill View, Whaley Bridge received a letter which stated they had won £285,000 on the People’s Postcode Lottery - a lottery they had never even entered.

The letter asked them to call a number to claim their prize and said they will be charged one per cent of their winnings.

Carol, 70, said: “It is a super letter and very professional - I can easily see how someone would get hooked in.

“Two of the numbers that we had supposedly won with were 38 and 45 which are years of birth so it looks like we’ve been targeted quite personally.

“It was all very believable apart from one sentence which says you must keep this information away from the public - that made me think something is not right about this.”

“We just thought we must warn someone about it so people know that this is going on.”

Carol says her husband Gordon, 77, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and at time gets confused, is “upset and angry” as the letter was addressed direct to him.

She is also acutely aware of the how easy it is for people to be taken in by these letters as her mother had previously lost thousands in similar scams.

“She was sending off thousands of pounds to Canada and South Africa and we never got any of the money back.”

A Derbyshire County Council’s spokesman, said: “We’ve had around 30 complaints about postcode lottery related scams over the past year and they’re just one of the types of scam we’re helping residents to fight.

“We’ve just approved a new Scam Watch scheme working with the police, Age UK and the Citizens Advice Bureaux which will start later this month to offer advice to anyone affected by phone, mail, online or cold calling scams.”

To make a complaint, contact Citizens’ Advice on 03454 040506 or visit at www.adviceguide.org.uk.