Drugs warning to landlords

Private landlords who let out residential properties in the High Peak are being urged by police to check they are not being used to grow cannabis.

Rented homes can be used by tenants to grow the drug, sometimes causing extensive damage to the property and leaving owners with a huge repair bill.

Growers gut the properties they are using and fill it with intense lighting rigs, plant pots full of compost and ventilation units. They tear out furniture and knock holes in walls for ventilation ducts, and tamper with electricity supplies so they don’t have to pay for what they use. 
Landlords could face prosecution under the Misuse of Drugs Act if they do not carry out the necessary checks to make sure their homes are not being used to produce cannabis.

The warning is part of a Derbyshire Constabulary campaign to encourage people to be on the lookout for cannabis farms in the county.