DESPICABLE: Heartless thieves strike at grave of Derbyshire boy

Harvey Marshall. Photo contributed.
Harvey Marshall. Photo contributed.

Despicable thieves have stolen toys from the grave of an eight-year-old boy – leaving his grieving family heartbroken.

In August, a Lego model was taken from Harvey Marshall’s bed at Thornsett cemetery on High Hill Road, Birch Vale.

Harvey’s family replaced the toy with four other Lego models – but these were stolen last month. One of the toys was found broken in nearby shrubbery.

Harvey – who spent most of his short life in hospital being treated for a number of complex medical conditions – sadly passed away last October.

Harvey’s mother Lian, of Furness Vale, said: “Harvey’s passing came as a complete shock to us; it was not something that was expected to happen even with his existing medical conditions.

“We are still trying to come to terms with our loss and now to find that things are being taken from Harvey’s bed is really upsetting.

“To others it would seem silly because it’s only Lego – but to Harvey’s family, friends and people who knew him well know exactly what the Lego means and resembles.

“Whether it was taken by a young child who doesn’t understand or by someone who is being malicious, do the right thing and please return it.

“I can’t bear to see Harvey’s sisters hurt more than they already are”

PCSO Lee Baker, of Derbyshire police, said: “Not only are Harvey’s family members grieving, they now have to deal with the heartless theft from the bed which has happened on more than one occasion.

“I am asking anyone with any information about this to contact us so that we can find those responsible.

“This is causing unnecessary hurt to the family and with your help we can find those responsible.”

Anyone with any information about the crimes should contact PCSO Lee Baker on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.