Crash leaves woman with severe injuries

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A Buxworth man who caused a crash which left a woman so badly injured that she couldn’t recognise her husband has been fined.

Christopher George Denton was driving a Honda CRV which hit a parked car with such force that it lifted up, span round and crashed into Gillian Stanway, leaving her with extensive injuries including a fractured skull, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

Mrs Stanway suffered broken bones, damage to her eye, and dizzy spells. She spent 27 days in hospital and is receiving ongoing treatment. She has to be helped around the house and expects to have a hearing aid fitted to help with her hearing problems, magistrates were told.

Denton was travelling from his Brierley Green home to go shopping in Tesco when the accident happened at around 3.45pm on March 5, prosecutor John Cooper said. The CRV was seen driving on the grass verge on Station Road near to Buxworth Memorial Club before colliding with a parked Kia vehicle in the club’s car park. The Kia then struck Mrs Stanway, who was in the area to pick up her eight-year-old son from school.

Denton was spoken to at the scene and said his brakes had failed while coming down the hill.

In interview, he told police he swerved to avoid a car in front of him and ended up on the grass verge. The vehicle was examined but no defects were found, Mr Cooper said.

The 67-year-old admitted driving without due care and attention.

Tim Oakes, defending, said: “The defendant recognises that this was an horrific accident with serious consequences.

“There is no clear explanation as to how this accident took place.

“He is 67 years old and has held a driving licence for 43 years. He’s never been in an accident before.”

He added that Denton suffered from throat cancer and shortly after the accident, he underwent a laryngectomy.

“The best explanation I can put to you is that at that particular moment Mr Denton was thinking about his operation and its risks and didn’t fully have his mind on the road.”

He added that Denton needed to attend regular appointments at hospitals in Sheffield and Stockport and would be unable to get there without his licence.

But magistrates banned him for nine months because of the severity of the injuries. He was also fined £297 and ordered to pay £35 costs and a £30 surcharge.