Council’s doorstep caller alert

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RESIDENTS are being urged to check the identity of anyone claiming to be from High Peak Borough Council (HPBC).

The warning comes after calls to homeowners in Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Dove Holes from someone claiming to be from the authority telling them they had overpaid their council tax and were due a large refund.

The caller said they would be visited by a council official on a specified date adding that they might be required to pay for the service.

HPBC has stressed that it would never contact anyone in such a manner.

Cllr Tim Norton, executive councillor for corporate services, said it would be unusual for the council to telephone someone without first sending written information.

He said anyone receiving such a call should ask for their name and job title and then check the caller’s credentials with the council.

“Householders should never let someone into their home without first seeking proof of identity and then calling the organisation the caller claims to represent.

“Council employees always carry proof of identity, without which they should not be admitted to your home,” he advised.