Bit pregnant partner and threatened police

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A man who assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, tried to throw a police officer off a roof and then threatened to stab police in a separate incident has been spared jail.

A police officer on duty in New Mills on March 17 heard shouting coming from Joshua Arden’s address on Portland Road, High Peak Magistrates’ Court heard.

As the officer approached the property, Arden’s partner Cara Czyzewska said she had been assaulted by Arden, who had hit her on the head and bitten her, prosecutor Jennifer Fitzgerald said. Arden then appeared and shouted at the officer not to enter the property. More police officers then attended the scene and one, PC Taylor, climbed onto a roof to gain access through an open window. But as he did so, Arden tried to slam the window shut, trapping the officer’s arm before attempting to push him off the roof. Once inside the property, the officer found Arden in the kitchen holding a large knife to his neck.

Arden, 24, denied assault by beating and assaulting a police officer but changed his plea to guilty on the day of trial.

The second incident occurred on August 7 when Arden was at his mother’s house in Rowarth. He called police telling them he had taken a bath in the river but when they attended, he refused to let them in the property, shouting abuse and swearing at them before threatening to stab them. Officers were eventually able to get in the house to arrest him, where they found a ten inch machete-type knife.

He admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Karina Lyon, defending, said: “In relation to the assault on his ex-partner, what the defendant says is he became frustrated because she was smoking whilst pregnant. There have been a number of problems with the complainant in this case, in particular she told him she had had a number of miscarriages. He accepts that his conduct was unacceptable.

“He hadn’t intended to cause any harm to the officer. He was fearful he was going to be gassed or tasered by the police officer so tried to prevent the officer coming into the property.

“In relation to the offence on August 7, he had been severely unwell that day. He was sick all over himself so had gone to a nearby stream to wash himself and wanted to inform the police about the difficulties he had been having.

“Clearly this defendant does have some difficulties with his mental health.”

Arden was given five weeks in prison for assaulting his partner, ten weeks in prison for assaulting the officer and 16 weeks in prison for the August 7 offence, all suspended for 18 months. He must also pay costs of £285 and a surcharge of £80.