Back to prison for food thief

A BUXTON man granted early release from a prison sentence is back behind bars following another offence.

Gary Appleton ran from the Tesco store on London Road after stuffing sandwiches inside a rucksack at 6.30pm on September 5.

Staff were unable to stop him escaping but the offence was captured on in-store security film and he was later arrested, Chesterfield magistrates heard.

“He had only recently come out of prison. He told police that he was on a methadone prescription in prison but he was too late to get a prescription back in Buxton and he ended up on heroin again,” said Mike Treharne, prosecuting.

Appleton, 40, of Fairfield Road, appeared before the justices in police custody. He admitted theft and was jailed for a total of six weeks.

Defence solicitor Saul Comish said the offence resulted from an ongoing addiction to heroin.

He said Appleton was released from prison on August 26 and then contacted drug associates and obtained heroin.

“He was known to staff at the store and they kept an eye on him.

“He was hungry and he took the food out of desperation. He was full and frank with police,” said Mr Comish.

He told the court that, despite abusing heroin, amphetamine and ecstasy in the past, Appleton had held down jobs as a welder, labourer and mechanic, and had worked at a Buxton printing company.