Attacked ex’s car in temper

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A BUXTON dad kicked the wing mirror off his ex-partner’s car after she turned down his advances, a court heard.

Painter and decorator Shaun Ennis and shop assistant Carly Gill have two children from an eight-year relationship.

They split up following a row but Ennis, 27, turned up at her home after midnight on July 19, asking if he could sleep on her sofa.

Ms Gill agreed. Ennis then kissed her, told her he loved her and asked if he could share her bed.

When she refused he angrily called her a “slag”, smashed a glass on the floor and walked out, Chesterfield magistrates were told last Wednesday.

John Cooper, prosecuting, said Ennis tried to get back into the property but found himself locked out.

He threw a plant pot around the garden and then broke a wing mirror on Ms Gill’s Volkswagen Golf by kicking it.

Police were called and officers soon located him. He was arrested and was searched and a small bag of cocaine was found.

“He said he didn’t know why he damaged the car – it was just in the heat of the moment,” said Mr Cooper.

Ennis, of Oaklea, Buxton, was bailed to appear before High Peak Magistrates last Monday but failed to attend court.

He was arrested again and brought to Chesterfield in custody, admitting charges of damaging property, possessing cocaine and breaching bail.

The court heard he had previous convictions for possessing cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis.

Presiding magistrate Jean Leah fined him £215 and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to Ms Gill, with £85 costs. The cocaine seized will be destroyed.

“He admits he became involved with someone else. Miss Gill was aware of it and they decided it was in everyone’s best interests to go their separate ways,” said Julie Page, for Ennis.

“On the night of the offence he was allowed to stay on her sofa but he then tried to push his luck and it led to an argument.

“He can’t recall kicking her car but accepts what she says as he had worked up quite a temper by then.”

Ms Page said Ennis’ drug problems had greatly decreased but he had bought some cocaine as the local carnival was taking place.

She added that Ennis, who plans to move to his mother’s home in Harpur Hill, missed court on Monday because he got the dates mixed up.