County roads ‘best in Britain’

A new survey examining the effects of potholes on drivers has named Derbyshire’s roads has been some of the best in the country to drive.

Derbyshire County Council welcomed the survey published in The Sunday Times ,which showed that 4.4 per cent of drivers have claimed for pothole–related damage compared with up to ten per cent of motorists in some parts of the UK.

The report ranks Derbyshire among the 15 best areas in the UK for road surface condition.

The council recently stepped up its work to fix potholes across the county including a £824,000 funding boost. External contractors have been brought in to help clear the backlog of urgent repairs and a specialist machine called a `JetPatcher’ has been hired, which uses a high velocity air stream to clear existing holes of any debris and water as well as laying and compacting new asphalt.

Strategic director for environmental services, Ian Stephenson, said: “It’s welcome news that our work to improve life for local motorists is making a difference.

“We’re able to deal with problems so much quicker because of support from local people reporting potholes, as well as the extra measures we have put in place.

“We’re still working hard to get our roads fixed and while we welcome this survey we are not complacent about the work that still needs to be done, made more challenging following the recent snow.”

The council looks after around 3,500 miles of roads and pavements and as many as 1,000 potholes per week have been reported. The council was given £1.8million by the Government to add to its £22million budget for road maintenance this year.