County is safe place to live, study finds

County-wide public consultations led by Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles have revealed that around eight out of ten people feel that Derbyshire is a very or fairly safe place to live.

And four out of five people responding to face-to-face, online and postal surveys between May and September described their local area police service as excellent, good or satisfactory. Results also indicate that the fear of crime has a fairly small effect on people’s quality of life in the county.

“These findings suggest that most people across the county feel safe and have confidence in Derbyshire Constabulary, and that is very good to know,” Mr Charles said.

“But there is still some way to go – and the residents’ feedback will help us get there. Their views about crime, the police and safety will be invaluable in helping to improve the police service.”

The consultations involved two separate programmes across the county over the summer.