Councillor resigns after move to USA

High Peak Borough Councillor Phil Ashmore, who represents Buxton Central Ward, has resigned his seat after moving to America with his job.

In a letter to the Council’s Chief Executive, Cllr Ashmore (pictured) wrote: “It is with great regret that I tender my resignation as High Peak Borough Councillor for the Buxton Central ward.

“Changes in work and family circumstances have led me, my wife Katie, our children Daniel and Madeleine, and Kim the dog to move our home away from Buxton to Springfield, Virginia – 20 minutes’ drive out of Washington, DC. You will understand that distance now makes it impractical for me to continue helping and representing my constituents in Buxton in the ways that I would wish, or to go on attending Council meetings in Buxton, Chapel or Glossop.

“It remains for me to thank you and your colleagues for the help you have given me since I was elected last May, to wish all the best for the future to the Council’s highly professional staff, as well as – of course – to wish every continued success to the High Peak’s present Labour administration, of which I remain an enthusiastic supporter.

“I shall watch future developments with interest from across the ocean.”