Council to remove recycling banks from ten sites in High Peak

The council highlighted the problem of incorrectly dumped rubbish, such as this at the Torr Top site in New Mills.
The council highlighted the problem of incorrectly dumped rubbish, such as this at the Torr Top site in New Mills.

Recycling banks are to be removed from ten sites across the High Peak, sparking anger among some residents.

High Peak Borough Council says the decision has been made due to ongoing issues of contamination and improper use of the facilities coupled with an overall drop in usage.

But the news has been met with anger by some residents, who have demanded the sites be retained and that their removal comes at ‘appallingly short notice’.

Councillor John Haken, executive member for operational services at the council, said: “Unfortunately, the misuse of the bins and associated fly-tipping means the cost of continuing to service these facilities is disproportionate to the amount of recyclable material that is being collected.

“The council operates an effective recycling and waste collection service for residents from their homes and most of the materials collected from these recycling sites can be recycled in the brown bin, green box and red bag.

“There has been a general decline in recycling centre use since the introduction of the brown bin service so we have taken the decision that there is no real need for additional facilities.”

Last year ,the council recycled 43 per cent of the total waste collected and provisional figures for 2015/16 show this has increased to 48.5 per cent. However, the amount of unrecyclable material from the sites reduces this figure so removing the sites, and the contaminated material, will increase the overall recycling rate and help meet the 50 per cent Government target, the authority states.

In last week’s Advertiser, resident Susan Wyatt complained that the sites were still needed and were being removed without consultation.

In a letter, she wrote: “We were told at a parish council meeting some time ago by Tony Ashton that this withdrawal was likely, but he gave us to understand that this would be some time in the future, not within a month. Why has there been no consultation?

“The recycling area at Hayfield bus station has been overflowing over the Christmas period. Although it was cleared between Christmas and New Year, it is again overflowing, and is constantly well-used. What evidence is there, therefore, for the borough council to claim that these (and elsewhere) facilities are under-used? How much money are they proposing will be saved by not having to service recycling centres?”

The council will still operate the recycling collection service direct to people’s front doors and the Derbyshire County Council-run household waste centres in Buxton and Glossop will remain open.