Council ‘powerless’ over crossing delays

CAMPAIGNERS have criticised delays to the installation of a new crossing on one of Buxton’s busiest roads.

Residents living at the Otterhole housing development successfully won their fight earlier this year for a pedestrian crossing on St John’s Road after raising fears over road safety.

The campaign, which featured an online petition, was backed by Derbyshire county councillor Robin Baldry and High Peak borough councillor John Faulkner.

Work on the crossing began in June, but four months on it is still not in operation.

Campaigner Katrina Martin, of Otterhole Close, said: “We are now coming up to half-term and the lights are not operational.

“We are still having the same battle every day of trying to get the kids across the road safely.”

Derbyshire County Council said this week that delays to the project – as well as to the installation of new lights at the bottom of Terrace Road opposite Spring Gardens –were due to utility company Electricity North West, who had yet to connect them to the mains supply.

A spokesperson for the authority said: “We are waiting for them (Electricity North West) to link-up the electricity to the lights. This is something that has to be done by them – we cannot do it ourselves.”

In a statement, Michael Proctor, head of connections for Electricity North West, apologised for the delays.

Due to the position of the lights in both cases, more complicated engineering work was required than usual,” he said.

“This also involves more planning, and we can only carry out the extra work with consent from the council due to additional cost.

“We now have consent on both jobs and we will continue to work with Derbyshire County Council in order to carry out the work as soon as possible.”