Council may enforce charges to use recycling centres


Charges and restricted access may be brought in for households across Buxton who use the household waste recycling centre as a way to make savings.

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “An initial analysis has shown that in order to achieve this quantum of savings, a radical rethink of the way in which waste management services are delivered will be needed.

“No one single project could deliver the saving alone, therefore a combination of fundamental changes to current service provision will need to be considered.”
Speaking at a Derbyshire County Council Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, cabinet member for Highways, Transport and Infrastructure Councillor Dean Collins said: “We have received a letter from Nottinghamshire County Council who operate with a permit for recycling and we will have to see if that is a viable way to reduce cross-border recycling.”

Waterswallows, in Buxton, had 142,913 visitors in 2015/16 and it operates at $49 per tonne of recycled waste and the average annual tonnage was 6,801 which was a cost of £330,000.

Derbyshire County Council’s Waste Management Service is working towards an overall cut in its budget of £4.000m by 2018-19, with the first phase of savings of £0.500m being required in 2017-18.

In order to achieve the first phase of savings required in 2017-18 the cabinet has voted on introducing charges for the disposal of construction and demolition waste, namely soil, bricks and rubble.

The proposed limit of 50kg per household per week will also be lifted.

There will also be restrict access which would impact on certain vehicle types such as vans and trailers and restrict use by ‘out of county’ residents.

Now cabinet has voted in favour of these changes a consultation period will begin at the end of August.