Council invite public to birth centre review

BREAST FEEDING support was one of the main issues raised by people at the Corbar public meetings and how the support currently received by staff there would still be provided if Corbar closed.

Both meetings saw members of the public praise the support they had received from Corbar when starting to breast feed. Others present said they had received little or no support from midwives in other maternity units in the area because they were just too busy and they were worried that rates of breast feeding would significantly decrease.

At Friday’s meeting, Dr David Black, medical director with NHS Derbyshire County, said: “I am passionate about breast feeding and that people get the right support. We’ll certainly take the messages back to Stockport and take it up with their lead commissioners.”

But one resident said: “All you are giving us is vague platitudes that you will challenge the PCT, make sure things are put in place but at Corbar the support is there. At Stepping Hill it is not.”

If Corbar was to be closed for births, women who were unable to have a home birth would then have to choose either Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital or Macclesfield District General Hospital. But with birth rates increasing and a national midwife shortage, many people are concerned about how these already overstretched services would cope.

“When I was there with my son there were women turned away from Stockport,” one speaker said.

Sally Baughen, Maternity Matters Programme Lead replied: “Stepping Hill Hospital had seven diverts last year and this year four. That’s a relatively low number.

“Every time it happens they take it very seriously and fill out complete incident forms, review what happened.”

And Dr Black added: “There are times across Derbyshire when our hospitals are closed to seriously ill people because they are filled up.”