Council bosses in Derbyshire whose salaries top £100,000

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Figures from across the county show just how much the top earners are on and at High Peak Borough Council there is one employee who took home a salary of more than £100,000.

Across the East Midlands there are 206 people with different councils on a wage of more than £100,000; 30 on more than £150,000 and four people across the region take home a whopping £200,000.

These findings were done as part of The Public Sector Rich List, by the TaxPayers’ Alliance - in conjunction with the Daily Mail - and a comprehensive list of local authority employees who had total annual remuneration over £100,000 has been compiled.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Local authorities that are providing more for less and delivering council tax cuts clearly have talented people at the helm, but taxpayers living in poorly performing areas will be furious at the scale of some of these massive pay awards.

“After more than a decade of reckless spending and council tax hikes, local politicians now have to make necessary savings and the pay and perks for the town hall elite have to come under the spotlight.

“We all deserve to know how our money is being spent, and taxpayers should have the right to decide if they are getting value for their money from public servants.”

More than 6,000 Freedom of Information requests were issued nationally to find out about council expenditure.

New laws state that councils must list the top earner’s salaries and a spokesperson for High Peak Borough Council said: “The Council is always mindful of its budgets and ensuring that public money is spent wisely and achieves value for money.

“Our progressive approach to service delivery is well documented. We were one of the first councils to form a strategic alliance with a neighbouring authority – an arrangement that saves High Peak tax payers almost £2m each and every year and has allowed us to freeze council tax for the last five years whilst protecting front line services.

“The figures relating to the salaries paid to senior staff are in the public domain as we publish them annually on the Council’s website in line with our open and transparent approach to the services we provide.

“Senior staff salary costs are evenly split with our alliance partners and the Chief Executive and senior managers have taken voluntary reductions in their salaries. It is essential that the Council is able to retain a strong and effective leadership team to drive further service transformation in a competitive market.”

Within Derbyshire County Council current chief executive Ian Stephenson earned £140,749 in 2014-2015 and with pension contributions there are nine senior council officers who have remunerations packages which exceed £100,000.