Council agrees asset management plan

Councillors have approved a document detailing how they are to review and manage the future maintenance of their properties and assets.

Members of High Peak Borough Council last week agreed their five-year Asset Management Plan, which aims to ensure that the council’s assets are used in the best way possible.

The plan sets out how much the assets are expected to cost the authority over the next five years and looks at which assets could be disposed of.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Tim Norton said: “The council needs to face increased capital expenditure and revenue expenditure of some £17 million over the next five years.

“All political parties agree that is totally unaffordable.

“I do want to emphasise to tenants that there is no intention to kick them out overnight.”

Cllr David Lomax added: “I welcome this report. We are going to have to face some very difficult decisions about the buildings we own and what to do with them. We have to find alternative uses, we have to find some people to come in and use the buildings as best they can.”

Cllr Tony Ashton said: “The truth is for many years the buildings have been neglected by all parties.

“We need our buildings to be fit for purpose. The decisions are going to be difficult.”