Controversy over new homes plan

STRONG opposition has been voiced by residents over proposals to build three new homes in Whaley Bridge.

Such was the strength of feeling against the plans, for land adjacent to 87 Chapel Road, that residents turned out in numbers to raise their concerns at a recent meeting of the town council.

The application submitted to High Peak Borough Council is for two semi-detached homes and a single detached house to be built on the site.

However residents from The Dell and The Coppice fear the wide variations in land levels would lead to severe overlooking.

They told members of Whaley Bridge Town Council: “There is a lot of ill feeling as people have been given assurances that there would be no development on that plot - this seems to have changed.

“It seems to be an exceedingly difficult spot to build upon.”

Residents raised various concerns about access to the site, the loss of trees and said it would be an eyesore.

They were also unhappy that not all the residents who would be affected by the development had been notified about the planning application.

Members of Whaley Bridge Town Council also expressed their concerns about the proposals.

Cllr David Lomax said: “It would be an overdevelopment of the site.”

He expressed fears that the site might not be stable enough as it appeared changes had been made to the land levels without work taking place to secure the embankment.

Highway access, loss of wildlife and the impact on numerous protected trees on the sites, and the close proximity to the canal feeder, were also raised.

Councillor John Pritchard said, looking at the plans, it was impossible to appreciate the difference in elevations between the gardens and properties at The Dell and The Coppice and the much higher level of the site.