Controversial Buxton parking plans to be scrapped?

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Confusion surrounds controversial proposed parking changes for Buxton town centre.

The changes announced by Derbyshire County Council in January set out new waiting restrictions, pay and display zones and residents’ permit parking areas.

People are currently being asked to submit their views in a consultation, but Buxton county councillor Caitlin Bisknell claims she has been told the plans will go no further - for now. However, the county council could not confirm this.

Coun Bisknell said: “I have already said that these changes should not be made in an isolated or piecemeal way and that an holistic approach to traffic management in the town is needed.

“Those views have since been echoed by local businesses, residents and the town team.

“I have now been given a commitment that the plans will go no further and that no proposals will be brought forward without a consultation on the wider issues of traffic management and parking in Buxton. Further, that public consultation will include all interested parties.

“Nevertheless, I urge anyone concerned about the plans to respond to the consultation and to make their views known now so that the council is in no doubt that there are wider issues to be considered.”

In response, a spokesman for the county council said: “Decisions about changes to parking in Buxton will be considered in due course. Consultation is ongoing, closing on February 10.

“All responses will be taken into account before a further report is drafted for consideration.”

Details of the proposals state there would be no waiting at any time restrictions on sections of Park Road, St John’s Road, Burlington Road, Bath Road, West Road, Lismore Grove, Lismore Park and Water Street.

No waiting areas between 10am and 4pm on Lismore Road and Lismore Grove would also be introduced.

Pay and display meters would be installed on Bridge Street which would operate daily between 8am and 6pm, allowing a two-hour stay with no return within an hour. The charges would be £1 for one hour and £2 for two hours.

The north and south side of The Crescent - including the central traffic island - may also have parking meters with similar times and pricing tariffs.

Resident Angela Kinsley-Marpole said: “Putting machines on Bridge Street will drive people out of the town.”

The closing date for the consultation in relation to the current plans is tomorrow (Friday).

View the plans at Buxton Library and have your say by emailing: