Consultation says changes to youth service a bad idea

CONSULTATION on the proposed changes to Derbyshire County Council’s youth service show that 76 per cent of respondents think it is a bad idea.

County Labour Group Deputy Leader Alan Charles is now calling for DCC to look again at plans which could see the closure of 29 Youth Centres and the loss of 157 skilled youth workers.

He said the Tories had been dismissive of a 16,000 strong petition and intended to rely on the consultation – but respondents had been clear that it was a very bad idea for DCC to stop providing the highly-valued youth services.

“They have been very reluctant to release these figures but the Tory controlled Council must now stop this whole process, listen to Derbyshire’s residents and take stock of what the public and young people are clearly saying,” said Cllr Charles.

Instead, information from the consultation could be used to “Improve the existing service and develop the Community and Voluntary sector in enhancing the direct provision,” he added.

However, Cllr Barry Lewis, DCC’s Cabinet Member for Young People, said: “We’ve carried out extensive consultation over the future of youth services in Derbyshire. We did that so that we could get a clear picture of what local people want. We are listening to those views and we are now drawing up new plans for youth activities in Derbyshire.

“Our aim is to make sure that across Derbyshire there are activities that young people want and they are provided when and where they want them.

“The plans will be considered by our Cabinet shortly.”