Community saves stranded donkeys

An animal sanctuary has given its thanks to people who went the extra mile to help hungry donkeys during the snow.

When the blizzards descended upon the Peak Forest, Freshfields Donkey Village was cut off from the outside world.

The sanctuary, which cares for donkeys, many of which have suffered abuse and neglect in the past, usually has its food delivered on a Saturday, however the snow meant vehicles could not make it to the remote spot and the animals had to go without food for three days.

Chairman John Stirling explained: “We started to get worried, so we made some emergency calls and we were amazed with the response we got.”

Workers from nearby Peak Cement came to their rescue, using a bulldozer to bring fresh hay to the donkeys. Local man Barry Woods worked for two days to clear the lanes so that vehicles to get to the farm.

The sanctuary staff themselves would have gone without food had it not been for the dedication of manager Michelle Lomax, who brought supplies for them from Buxton on foot.