Community rallies together to help as evacuated residents gather at Chapel en le Frith school

Earlier today Buxton advertiser was live at Chapel High School speaking to residents who have been evacuated from Whaley Bridge.

They spoke of worries that their homes may be at risk and fears for the safety of pets left behind during the evacuation.

Janice and Terry Mellor of Whaley Bridge

Janice and Terry Mellor of Whaley Bridge

Dave and Sue Merrel of Whaley Bridge were checking to see if there was any more information about the danger facing the village.

Photos show operation underway to secure dam at Toddbrook Reservoir in Whaley Bridge

Sue told how was on her way back from swimming at Buxton and Dave was at home., when she learned of the crisis.
She said; "I got a phone call saying you probably won't be able to get back into Whaley Bridge.

She was turned back at Bridgemont where the road was closed. She ended up picking her husband up in Chapel en le Frith on the border. He had been told to leave their home immediately.
Dave said; "I had a knock on the door and they told me I had to get out. So I did."
The couple checked in at the school and have since been staying in a hotel.
Sue added: "It was very scary. Our cats are still at home.
"If the dam did go the house would be flooded.
"We think we would have been alright anyway because its a three storey house.
"Looking at the pictures yesterday when they drew a sort of flood plain our house was in it."
She said the community had rallied round with people offering beds to stay in.
"We could have gone and stayed with friends who lived higher up, but because I was out of Whaley and couldn't get in Dave had to come out."

Sue and Dave Merrill of Whaley Bridge

Sue and Dave Merrill of Whaley Bridge

Operation to secure dam at Toddbrook Reservoir in Whaley Bridge enters second day - live updates

Brother and sister Janice and Terry Mellor spoke to us

Terry of Whaley Bridge is sleeping on the floor at his sister's house.
"Everyone just got evicted - the police said it's at your own risk if you stay.
"That's what the police said when I went back for my medication and other things.
"We've sen on the news they are trying to get on top of things lowering big stones from the helicopter and putting sandbags on."
Janice said; "He had to sleep on my floor which isn't very accommodating.
"We have been worried about my mum because she has a lot of medical problems.
"She does have care link to an alarm system in the house so we had to get her a place to stay overnight because we didn't know what procedures she had to follow.
"I got her in a room at the Roebuck in Chapel en le Frith on the marketplace. They have been very nice with my mum.
"Everyone is pulling together. It's surprising how the support of all the pubs around the are are helping with drinks and teas and everything.
Terry said he realised if the dam broke it could destroy his home but his greatest worry for the pets he had to leave behind.