COLUMN: There is still time to plant vegetables in the garden

Gardening column.
Gardening column.

We are into June now and there is still plenty of time still to get planting vegetable and tomato plants, as well as courgettes, cucumbers etc.

It has certainly been a better month for gardeners than April was.

I must say the vegetables and especially the tomato plants that we sell are some of the best and strongest I’ve ever grown down to the homemade soil based compost that all our plants are grown in - after such a struggle to get seeds to germinate, not just tomatoes, but other seeds too.

Customers have asked me on many occasion why have seeds been so difficult to germinate.

The only thing I can say is too cold and lack of sunshine earlier in the season. Things will catch up even if you sow now, never give up in gardening.

Hopefully now you should be safe to put runner beans in, yet again good strong plants we sell throughout June.

They are an easy vegetable to grow - put canes in for them to grow up, they can also be grown in pots, another easy vegetable to grow is kale, becoming more popular too.

Bedding plants can also be planted in your beds, pots and hanging baskets, now, hopefully there won’t be any more in the way of frost.

I have ours ready for sale from now onwards,filled with summer colour, but please remember, baskets take a lot of looking after, watering is essential twice a day most of the time,as they soon dry out.

If that does happen, plunge in a bucket of water to revive, feed with a liquid feed once a fortnight to keep them looking good.

Keep on top of weeding and of course slugs, the gardeners nightmare.

Hardy perennials can be planted now for mid summer through to autumn colour with plenty of bees butterflies etc benefiting from these plants.

Shrubs can be pruned at any time during the growing season, to keep them looking tidy.

For further information, drop into Longdendale Nursery, in Blackbrook Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Alternatively, call the nursery on 01298 813940.

In the coming weeks do the following -

- Keep deadheading pansies to prolong flowering, feed and when finished cut back to encourage them to grow back and flower again later on.

- Prune early flowering shrubs to make bushier plants.

- Keep tieing up sweet peas, feed regularly.

- Encourage runner beans to wrap themselves round canes you have provided for them.