Church embroiled in band payment ‘spat’

A touring ensemble of musicians have said they will not return to perform in Buxton this year because of a row over payment .

The Boyan Ensemble, of Kiev, in Ukraine, performed at the Parish Church of St John’s, in Buxton, in October last year.

But Margarete Rolle, UK representative of the ensemble, claims the band has yet to receive payment for its performance last year and will not be returning to Buxton in 2015.

However, the church treasurer has been quick to refute the claims, insisting the show was a benefit gig for the St John’s and no contracts were signed.

Ms Rolle said: “Last October, Ukraine’s top professional male choir performed to a capacity audience at the Parish Church of St John’s, Buxton.

“Sadly, to date, they have not received any payment from the ticket sales for their awe-inspiring singing which received a rapturous standing ovation.

“Consequently they will not be coming to Buxton this year as they cannot afford to fund their own performances.”

Philip Leyland, church treasurer, said he felt the church had done no wrong, and insisted that it had gone out of itsway to accommodate the musicians.

Mr Leyland said: “It is correct that the Boyan Ensemble, of Kiev, performed a tremendous concert in aid of Buxton Parish Church in October 2014.

“As the concert was in aid of the church, the ensemble were not charged any fee for the use of the performance venue.

“In fact, the ensemble were supported by the church in organising the concert and arranging three days and two nights free accommodation and hospitality, whilst they were in Buxton.

“At no time did the church enter into any written contract with the ensemble or their UK representative, nor has the church ever received any account from them for the performance.

“We have been in contact with the Ensemble’s UK representative, on a number of occasions, over the past year, and the last email and letter of April 2015, remains unanswered.”

The Boyan Ensemble is touring the UK from September 25 to October 21.

On its website, the band is described as “internationally acclaimed” and “known for its mastery of vocal technique”.

Those who wish to see the ensemble in a different town can visit