CHOKING HAZARD: Tesco recalls toys which are danger to children due to manufacturing fault

A full list of the recalled plush toys can be found below
A full list of the recalled plush toys can be found below

Tesco shoppers have been warned of a product recall on several toys which may present a “choking hazard” for children.

The supermarket said it was recalling plush toys from Horizon Procurement Ltd after it was discovered that the products have poorly-stitched seams, which may cause the stuffing to become accessible to children and present a potential choking hazard.

The product recall said: “If you have purchased any of these products, please stop using them immediately.”

Here is a list of the affected products:

Large Polar bears: EAN 5060373642950

Xmas Crazy Eye Dog: EAN 5060373642936

Fluff Ball Cows: EAN 5060373642417

Fluff Ball Bears: EAN 5060373642431

Xmas Crazy eye Mouse: EAN 5060373642912

Floppy Bunnies: EAN 506373642479

Floppy Doggies: EAN 506373642486

Fluff Ball Chicks: EAN 5006373642455

Fluff ball Frogs: 5060373642462

Fluff Ball Pigs: 5060373642448

Advice says that any of these toys can be returned to place of purchase for a full refund.

For more information, contact iCandy Customer Service on 01543 495 243.