Charity stocks up for winter

An appeal to help stock up the free food bank at High Peak Nightspot is being launched as the area’s poorest prepare for a tough winter.

The Foodbank is intended to tide people over for short periods of desperate need – often caused by redundancy or the recent spate of changes to benefit status.

Shoppers will be asked to drop non-perishable foodstuffs such as packets, tins, pasta and rice at a stall in the Spring Gardens Shopping Centre, Buxton, from 8.30pm to 5pm from September 17 to 23 inclusive.

“With it being the build-up to winter and Christmas, it would be an ideal opportunity to get the public to participate and show support,” said Nightstop’s Kath Sterndale.

“There are a lot more families calling upon us.

“It’s growing at a steady rate, but we are expecting an upsurge over the winter as more people make the difficult decision of whether to eat or heat.

“There have also been a lot of changes to benefits.”

Kath asked shoppers to buy a little extra in the Spring Gardens shops and donate it to the Foodbank stall, or to bring items from home. The longer the sell-by date, the better.

High protein items, such as tins of tuna, corned beef meatballs or ravioli, are especially welcome, as is long-life milk.

Kath emphasised that the Foodbank was not intended to help indefinitely “It is a short, sharp intervention.” she said.

“It’s not a long-term solution to a family’s problems.