Chapel health worker cleared of misconduct

A physiotherapist has been left to rebuild his reputation after health chiefs declared allegations that he acted in a sexual manner towards a female patient unfounded.

Miles Haslam, of Chapel Physiotherapy and Sport Injury Clinic, was hauled before the Health and Care Professions Council for a three–day hearing after being accused of acting in a sexually–motivated manner towards the woman, referred to as Patient A.

Mr Haslam, who has been practising in Chapel for ten years, said: “These sorts of allegations are every male physiotherapist’s worst nightmare.”

The woman alleged over the course of four treatments in August and September 2008, Mr Haslam unfastened and then refastened her bra without her consent, slapped her on the bottom, talked to her about pornography and asked her if she ‘liked it’ when he massaged her shoulders.

“For whatever reason this patient has taken it upon herself to make absurd allegations towards me,” he said.

“It would have destroyed my career. Now I am left to pick up the pieces.”

The patient complained to Bupa about Mr Haslam in 2011, three years after the alleged incidents.

A report into the hearing stated: “Whilst not doubting her sincerity, Patient A’s evidence was often confused, inconsistent and not supported by the clinical notes taken at the time by Mr Haslam.”

The committee was also concerned that the passage of time between the alleged incidents and her complaint may have affected her memory of them.