Chapel firm has STAIRS in its eyes thanks to Mary Poppins Returns order


Crafstmen at a Chapel firm now have ‘stairs’ in their eyes after they created an upside down staircase for Disney’s Christmas blockbuster Mary Poppins Returns.

British Spirals & Castings has been producing bespoke staircases for more than a quarter of a century but staff were shocked when the film prop order came in.

The spiral staircase is featured during one of the musical’s iconic songs - where Hollywood actress Meryl Streep dances on it as part of an energetic routine.

As well as inverting the staircase the film’s production team wanted sections of its balustrade to be removed - allowing Streep to easily dance on and off the staircase as part of the choreography.

The aluminium components were carefully cast at the company’s specialist foundry using traditional green sand-casting methods.

Pieces were then taken to the workshop to be finished and powder-coated black - with the end result being an ornate staircase in keeping with the film’s pre-war London setting.

In addition to ornate spindles and treads the firm used solid risers on the work.

A spokesman said: “The film didn’t disappoint - it was just as fantastical and heart-warming as the original and the fact we’d played a small part in creating it made it just that bit more special.”

Sales Director Ben Harding said: “Once we’d flipped the design the right way up it was relatively straightforward to make.”

“Much like Mary Poppins, we take real pride in ensuring all our staircases are practically perfect in every way.

“We were delighted with the finished result and it was magical to see it on the big screen as part of such an iconic film.”