Changing face of town’s economy

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Buxton households spend over £30 million each year on food and drink, but only one per cent is spent in local independent shops, a new report has found.

Yet just a ten per cent increase in local food sourcing would result in an increase of over £800,000 going into the local economy each year, it adds.

Transition Buxton’s Economic Resilience Study was launched at the Old Hall Hotel last week to more than 30 people from a variety of local organisations.

Jean Ball, of Transition Buxton, who helped prepare the report, said: “We were delighted with the level of attendance at the launch and there was a lot of positive energy.

“There’s already some project ideas coming forward which relate to the report.”

The study, which has taken nearly ten months to complete, reveals important opportunities for Buxton’s economy, local businesses and the local community.

It looks at how businesses and locals can best adapt to changes in the world and continue to thrive.

Jean added: “For economic development, what worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future because the world is changing, so we need to change. But how do we do that and what are we going to do?

“Having people in senior roles at the local authority, the university or people involved in the local economy who want to hear, who want to listen and are the big hitters in our community is really heartwarming.”

Initial findings from the report also show that Buxton households spend around £12 million each year on energy in their homes but investing in improving the energy efficiency of just one per cent of the town’s domestic properties would result in an increase of £3000,000 going into the local economy each year.

You can read the full report online at