Changes to cardboard recycling

High Peak residents face changes in the way cardboard is collected for recycling – after a tightening of regulations.

Since 2006, residents have been putting cardboard in their green-lidded bin alongside their garden waste. In 2010, food waste was added to the list of materials suitable for the bin.

But changes to organic waste regulations mean that High Peak Borough Council will not be able to collect cardboard alongside leaves, grass, prunings and food waste after October 28. Instead, cardboard will have to go in the blue bag used only for paper at the moment.

The change has been forced on the council by a tightening of regulations imposed by the Association for Organic Recycling (AfOR) to improve the quality of compost.

Research by AfOR has found that collections of garden waste, food waste and cardboard are often heavily contaminated with other items and that some of the inks used on cardboard packaging take too long to break down.

Anthony McKeown, executive councillor for community services, said: “While we understand that it’s important to get the best possible compost, it’s unfortunate that we’re having to put residents to the trouble of a big change to our kerbside recycling service.

“Having said that, residents have responded in style to previous changes to the way in which we collect waste – and their enthusiasm for kerbside recycling has enabled us to double our recycling rate in the last three years.”

It will be necessary for households to flatten and fold their cardboard boxes to enable them to fit inside their blue bag.

Residents who do not have enough room in their blue bag for all their cardboard will be able to put the surplus in a carrier bag and leave it by the blue bag for collection, although additional blue bags will also be available.

The council is also considering ways of improving its collection service by collecting plastics from the kerbside, options are currently being discussed on this matter.